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THE Journal is published monthly in a digital/PDF format that can be viewed on mobile and desktop platforms. THE Journal is the top resource for articles on education technology for K-12 institutions. Click on an issue below to view or download. If you're looking for older issues see the archive of the print edition from January 1994 to November 2010.

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Digital Edition cover: January 2011

THE Journal Digital Edition - January 2011

The Social Classroom: Facebook, Twitter, and the gang have arrived. Is K-12 security up to the challenge?
Online Systems for Safety Compliance;
Anti-Plagiarism Tools: prevention over punishment;
Virtual World's Apart: why Second Life users are flocking to OpenSim;
FETC 2011 Special Section: exclusive interviews, a rundown of exhibitors, new products to look for

Digital Edition animated cover: November

T.H.E. Journal Digital Edition - November / December 2010

What Lies Ahead? Special Feature: tablet-based textbooks; syndicated online teachers; ed tech leaders forecast what the digital revolution will bear next.
Downward Ho! Tech tools travel from higher ed to K-12
The Virtues of Virtualization
FETC 2011 Conference Brochure

THE Digital Edition September - animated icon.

T.H.E. Journal Digital Edition - October 2010

Idea People: From inspiration to implementation, these educators are driven by their visions of what tech-based teaching and learning can achieve.
Changing Their Tune - Music Teachers go Digital
The Power of 3D Classroom Content
Green Tech
: is paperless possible? Print management software is on the job.

THE Digital Edition September - animated icon.

T.H.E. Journal Digital Edition - September 2010

NEXT! Student techs are at your service
The Incredible, Flexible, Expandable Classroom!
Reshaping RTI: Building a Better Triangle

August 2010 Digital Edition

T.H.E. Journal Digital Edition - August 2010

Take Your Pick! Collaboration, Assessment, Course Building - There's a Tool to Meet Every Task of the 21st Century Instruction;
Sound Good? Improved Audio Systems for the Tech-Infused Classroom;
Networking: How to Ration Your Bandwidth.

THE Journal Digital Edition - June / July 2010

T.H.E. Journal Digital Edition - June / July 2010

E-Books: Why the School Library Will Never Be the Same
Blocked! Districts Say No to Social Networking.