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The ViewWriter Desk is a portable lectern that serves as a hub for all presentations. The camera technology contained within the ViewWriter utilizes ambient light and features a power zoom lens, high-resolution color CCD, auto focus system, and S-video and composite out connections. Any document, transparency or X-ray placed faceup on the unit is displayed in full color on any TV, monitor, multimedia projector or display device. The presenter can annotate these documents using standard dry-erase markers while facing the audience.

The ViewWriter has a unique design that d'esn't feature top lights or exposed video cameras that obstruct the instructor's view of the audience. The Desk contains an audio/video switcher that simplifies the integration of external sources into presentations. Several options are available, including an integrated accessory camera for displaying 3-D objects. Archiving entire presentations in real-time on a standard VCR is also possible. ViewWriter Technologies, Waltham, MA, (781) 893-6559,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2001 issue of THE Journal.

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