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Polycom's WebOffice provides a Web-based virtual office that enables users to conduct online meetings or share documents, applications or desktops in a secure, interactive environment using their Web browser. Users can launch video and audio calls to Polycom's voice and videoconferencing products, bringing real-time interaction to Web meetings. WebOffice is easy to install, simple to use and works with firewalls. Users just set up their virtual Web offices by creating a unique URL, which is similar to their e-mail address. Anyone can then meet in this virtual office by entering the office URL into their Web browser.

The program lets users conduct remote meetings over the Internet, present to multiple remote participants, integrate audio- and videoconferencing, share and work with documents, demonstrate applications live and in real time, and create online Web tours, among others. The software can be purchased at a starting price of $750 per seat (or concurrent user). Quantity license discounts are also available. Polycom Inc., Milpitas, CA, (800) 765-9266,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.

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