Sony's VPD-MX10 Projector

The VPD-MX10 is Sony's lightest new projector, weighing 4.6 lbs. and covering roughly the footprint of a notebook PC. This model incorporates Texas Instruments' DLP technology, which is capable of displaying high-contrast images on a viewable area of 200", measured diagonally. It features XGA resolution and 1,000 ANSI lumens of brightness. The projector includes a Memory Stick media port and a DVI interface for direct digital connectivityto a PC. USB-compatible, the VPD-MX10 also offers other features such as digital keystone correction and a built-in scan converter, which accepts a variety of input signals, including composite, component and RGB video, as well as PC signals up to SXGA.

The projector also features Sony Projection Station software for direct and hands-on control of image features and inputs via a notebook PC. The software makes it possible to drag and drop files directly from the notebook PC to Memory Stick media, converting PowerPoint presentations to JPEG files. By importing presentations or image files directly into the Memory Stick slot in the projector, users can then display the presentation or digital file without the use of a PC, thus lightening the load when traveling. Memory Stick media holds any digital file, including audio files such as voice files and music, pictures, MPEG videos, graphics, and presentations. In combination with the new projector, Memory Stick media simplifies the process of preparing and giving presentations. Offering up to 128 MB of capacity, Memory Stick media stores and transfers large presentation files and graphics quickly and easily. Sony Electronics Inc., (800) 686-7669,

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.

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