Digital Imaging Camcorders: JVC

JVC's GR-DV3000 High-Band MiniDV Camcorder integrates an f/1.2 super-bright aspherical lens, 1/3.6"-megapixel CCD and a super high-band processor to deliver 540 lines of horizontal resolution, producing crisp, clear digital video. The CCD's large image sensing area increases brightness, which is complemented by an f/1.2 lens brightness that is nearly 250 percent greater than a conventional f/1.8 lens. As a result, the camcorder produces quality images in dark settings. The camcorder was designed with the computer and Web in mind, offering multiple ways to connect to a PC via a multimedia card, USB cable or i.LINK DV cable. The camcorder can also be used as a Webcam, as well as to record and store MPEG-4 video clips, allowing for computer-based editing, e-mailing or uploading to Web sites. For added creativity, the GR-DV3000 also supports MP3 digital sound effects. JVC, Wayne, NJ, (800) 526-5308,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.

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