Sony's Trinitron CTR Monitors

Sony has just released a new series of Trinitron CRT professional color video monitors that provide a range of picture monitoring and production applications. The new models, the PVM-9L2, PVM-14L2 and PVM-20L2, feature 8”, 13” and 19” screen sizes, respectively. For system flexibility, these models feature standard input connectors for composite, component, RGB and Y/C video. This series is equipped to display both NTSC and PAL television formats, as well as provide enhanced input flexibility with a slot-in structure for a variety of decoder boards. The PVM-14L2 and PVM-20L2 units feature 600 TV lines of resolution, and the PVM-9L2 displays 250 TV lines of resolution. The new digital comb filter design also offers enhanced luminance/chrominance separation. Prices start at $1,018 for the PVM-9L2, $1,360 for the PVM-14L2 and $2,725 for the PVM-20L2. Sony, (800) 686-7669,

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.

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