Start Something Launches Part 2 of Online Program

Start Something, a free youth program developed by Target stores and the Tiger Woods Foundation, has expanded with the creation of "Start Something Part 2," a new program for children 8 to 17. This new program allows children to reflect on what they learned in the original program by creating a personal portfolio of their interests and dreams. It was created as a response to teachers and group leaders looking for a way to continue their students' positive momentum from Part 1 of the program.

After completing the 10 sessions that make up Part 1, students can complete Part 2 - eight new sessions designed to help students explore their connections to the world and create a portfolio of work they can share. The new Part 2 sessions include Creating a Portfolio, P'etry Slam, Family Ties, Global Achievers, Local Her'es, Earth Issues, Imagine the Future and My Portfolio. Students and educators can join the program by visiting http://startsomething.target.com.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2003 issue of THE Journal.

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