Duane Alles is a senior network engineer for the IT group at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. E-mail: duane.alles@cms.k12.nc.us

James Benson, Ph.D., is CIO of St. John's University. E-mail: bensonj@stjohns.edu

Ben Guderian is director of marketing for SpectraLink Corp. E-mail: bguderian@spectralink.com

Mark Reavis is director of network services at The University of Memphis. E-mail: mreavis@memphis.edu

Merrily Schalansky, Ph.D., is tech. coordinator at the Tuckah'e Middle School in N.Y. E-mail: schalanm@tuckah'e.lhric.org

Michael Shanafelt is the senior IT advisor for CERMUSA. E-mail: mshanafelt@cermusa.francis.edu

Darrell Walery is director of technology at Consolidated H.S. District 230 and a mem-ber of CoSN. E-mail: Dwalery@D230.org

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2004 issue of THE Journal.

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