Phonics 3b-Advanced Level II: Sports Edition

Phonics 3b-Advanced Level II: Sports Edition from Help Me 2 Learn( takes a unique tack, weaving standards-basededucational concepts, word lists, and interactive tutorials with asports-based theme. To help students build their skills, the softwareteaches students grammar, spelling strategies, tips for writing paragraphs,and reading comprehension strategies through four distinctmethods: Coach Time, which is an instructor-led interactive tutorial; aLearn the Words section where students can see and hear each wordand its syllables; Speed Round,which helps test student understandingof words; and a Sports Game that tests students’ complete knowledgeand allows them to compete for gold medals. Phonics 3b also offers preandpost-test options, and provides teachers with a student managementsystem. The School Edition price is $39.95.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.

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