ExploraVision Winners Announced

##AUTHORSPLIT##<--->Winners for the ExploraVision awards program, a science and technology competition for K-12 students, have been announced by the National Science Teachers Association and Toshiba. Students in the competition were challenged to imagine technology that could exist in 20 years using research on existing technologies and scientific principals.

More than 4,700 teams from public and privates schools in the United States and Canada competed in teams of two to four students in four grade categories this year. The eight winners will receive a fully paid trip to Washington D.C. as well as savings bond worth $10,000 for first place and $5,000 for second place.

According to the NSTA, this year’s winners focused on environmental issues, energy conservation, and medical concerns facing today’s population.

First place submissions included:

  • Polymer Activated Life Saver System from Adobe Bluffs Elementary school in San Diego, CA in the Kindergarten through third grade category. The second graders design replaced modern fire extinguishers with a device that shoots out a blanket of water-soaked polymer crystals to smother fire and prevent water damage.
  • Diabetes Assistance and Prevention e-System (DAPeS) from Discovery School in Edinburg, TX for the fourth through sixth grade category. The fourth graders' idea was to use a nanosensor implanted in a tooth to analyze intake for diabetics.
  • Passenger Tire Waste Heat Recovery System from Merion Mercy Academy in Merion Station, PA for the seventh through ninth grade category. Ninth graders won the competition with their idea for using the heat energy wasted when tires are in motion to create electricity to run the vehicle.
  • SCNSM (Self Constructing Nano-Collector Molecules) from Wando High School in Mt. Plesant, SC for the 10th through 12th grade category. High School Seniors designed a dialysis system that uses self-assembling molecules to locate and cleanse impurities in the blood then deposit foreign bodies into the kidney.

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