GA's Largest District Gets Cooking with New Nutrition Management System


Gwinnett County Public Schools, Georgia's largest K-12 district, will use EatecNetX management system from Eatec to manage its foodservice operations.

The system will let Gwinnett County Public Schools, with 106 schools serving nearly 160,000 students in the metro-Atlanta area, put nutrition analysis and menu cycle planning on the front burner of the new system implementation. A modular system, EatecNetX also offers tools for inventory, purchasing, recipe management, forecasting, and production.

The nutrition module is designed to help schools:

  • Use recipes to deliver nutrition from items already in inventory;
  • Flag and track allergens in your food inventory, recipes and products;
  • Create age- and grade-specific weighted analysis of cycle plan meals; and
  • Export nutritional, ingredient and allergen information to student- and parent-facing websites.

The menu cycle planning provides tools to help:

  • Select menu items to create plans based on expected participation;
  • View projected costs, revenue and food cost percentages;
  • Make requisitions for inventory items to produce the menu;
  • Generate production worksheets; and
  • Track consumption.

A client-server system written in Virtual Basic and utilizing Crystal Report Writer, EatecNetX runs on either one large dedicated server or three smaller dedicated servers.

For large implementations, Eatec recommends a three-server installation, with one running as an application server, the second as a report server and the third as a database server. The app and report server would be based on a platform with a 3.0 GHz Xeon Quad processor, 36 GB hard drive and 4 GB RAM. The database server would need 200 GB of stage space. Clients would run XP systems with 256 MB of RAM.

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