GigaFin, Partner for K-12 Network Control


GigaFin Networks and are partnering up to provide network services for K-12 institutions. The partnership, announced at the FETC conference in Orlando, FL Jan. 22, aims to "help education administrators curb bandwidth drainage and ensure networks are free of misuse."

To this end, the two companies are providing solutions to help curb bandwidth-draining ad inappropriate use of school networks, including P2P file sharing, downloading unauthorized media, etc.

"School districts need to keep their networks open, but equally need to prioritize traffic types so that they can remain effective," said's Wes Van de Polder in a statement released today. "Unfortunately, the ability of school networks to deliver and receive essential information is threatened by the increasing use of networks for online gaming, unauthorized peer to peer traffic, encrypted proxies, oversubscribed bandwidth, and constrained budgets."

The two companies will provide solutions that couple their individual technologies, including appliances meant to put a halt to these sorts of network activities and provide additional security over firewalls and filtering solutions. is exhibiting at the FETC conference this week in booth 412. GigaFin Networks is at booth 880. More information can be found at the links below.

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