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iTunes U for K-12

While Apple's iTunes U has a decidedly higher-ed slant, a number of participating universities provide content and other resources geared toward K-12 educators and students, including the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Arizona State University.

The "Beyond Campus" portion of iTunes U (bottom right on the main page) also provides free learning materials and research for K-12 from organizations like American Public Media, PBS, the Smithsonian Institution, and others.

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More About iTunes U at Apple.com

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Stoneware announced the integration of Apple's iTunes U with its virtualized Web desktop solution, WebOS. iTunes U provides schools a way to let students search, download and play education content just like they do music, movies, and TV shows. With the integration of iTunes U into the user's virtualized WebOS desktop, students can access applications, files, documents, educational podcasts and other content from a Web desktop that is accessible from anywhere.

A virtual desktop is an operating environment that runs in a browser and that is independent of the underlying operating system. WebOS is built on AJAX technology and works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers. The company said a single server can support a thousand users.

"We see this as a critical integration point for Stoneware WebOS," said Ken Quinton, the company's vice president of sales. "Our K-12 and higher education customers want to simplify access to both their applications and audio/video podcasts. Integrating iTunes U with Stoneware's Virtual Web Desktop technology guarantees that organizations can provide their students with a single, secure desktop to access all of their critical educational tools."

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