Verizon Awards Thinkfinity Grant to Kentucky Teachers


The Kentucky Department of Education received a $50,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation to raise awareness and train teachers throughout the state to use thousands of free educational resources available on, an online portal comprising educational and literacy resources for teachers, parents and students.

The portal's resources include standards-based, grade-specific, K-12 lesson plans and interactive activities provided in partnership with the nation's leading educational and literacy organizations.

The Verizon Foundation announced the grant at the National Center for Family Literacy's National Conference on Family Literacy in Louisville. The grant will be used to provide professional development opportunities to teachers statewide through on-site and online training, and raise awareness about resources and professional development opportunities.

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About the author: Bridget McCrea is a business and technology writer in Clearwater, FL. She can be reached at

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About the Author

Bridget McCrea is a business and technology writer in Clearwater, FL. She can be reached at

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