iLinc Web Conferencing Tool Updated, Adds 'Green Meter'


iLinc released a new version of its Web conferencing tool, iLinc 10, which bolsters session management and adds a "green meter." The green meter shows cost savings, carbon emissions, and total distance not traveled by using Web conferencing versus in-person meetings. Administrators can also customize several variables in the meter to match their organization's specific policies.

A Web-based session management system in the software has been revamped to support blended learning programs, including live training sessions, session recordings, asynchronous content such as tutorials and interactive exercises.

Enhancements to the interface allow the session leader to control who is speaking with a mouse click. The interface is integrated with audio conferencing providers Premiere and ConferencePlus. Additionally, iLinc offers Web-based audio that lets participants communicate via computer-based microphones and speakers, which can be configured with a new audio wizard. iLinc 10 also supports integrated sessions with users calling in by phone and those listening via Internet audio.

The release also includes changes to the interface to improve polling, breakout groups, file transfer, session recording and chat management.

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About the author: Dian Schaffhauser is a writer who covers technology and business for a number of publications. Contact her at

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About the Author

Dian Schaffhauser is a writer who covers technology and business for a number of publications. Contact her at

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