MIND Releases Game-based Algebra Intervention


MIND Research Institute launched a new algebra intervention program this week at the NECC 2008 conference in Texas. The new program, Algebra Readiness, is designed for middle and high school students and focuses on building foundational knowledge for Algebra I.

Algebra Readiness is designed for students in grades 6 and higher in need of math intervention and takes a game-based, visual approach to instruction. MIND, a non-profit company, described it this way:

"Students all begin with mastering basic arithmetic and mathematical properties on the number line, and finish with basic linear algebra concepts and word-problem-solving skills. As they progress through the text and weekly instructional software, right from the start they achieve success, build confidence, and grasp mathematical concepts in a deep and meaningful way. The program follows a uniquely sequenced instructional design, as outlined in the textbook, and seamlessly integrates this with tightly integrated visual software that's presented using a game metaphor. Both components, text and software, were designed from scratch to cover the same concepts, in the same order, using the same visuals and language, so they build off one another and reinforce key concepts.

The full-year Algebra Readiness course includes software, teacher instructional materials, and both student and teacher textbooks.

Algebra Readiness is available now with support for Mac OS X and Windows systems. Further information can be found here.

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