Pearson Launches Stanford 10 Online


Pearson's Educational Assessment Business has announced a new, online version of the Stanford Achievement Test, for students in grades 3 through 12. Stanford 10 Online is intended to increase the efficiency of test delivery, enhance security, and speed the evaluation process.

The new online assessment gives districts a variety of features, including tests in reading, math, spelling, language, science, and social studies; immediate score reporting; a proctoring feature, keeping test administrators aware of individual student progress; and reporting capabilities, among others features. The platform also provides comprehensive reports to parents in PDF format.

"The beauty of Stanford 10 Online is that it requires no physical commitment from school administrators or staff to store, secure, distribute, organize, or ship thousands of booklets and answer documents," said Deloris Flint, director of products, Pearson, in a prepared statement. "Everything is stored on secure Pearson servers, easily accessible to authorized district users anytime, thereby saving school districts significant overhead costs as well as time in test administration."

Stanford 10 Online is a Web-based solution, delivered through the application service provider model and administered via the platform's secure browser feature.

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