Multimedia Learning Suite: Chinese Characters by Learnlift

Multimedia Learning Suite: Chinese Characters by Learnlift

Chinese Characters
by Learnlift

LEARNLIFT presents Multimedia Learning Suite: Chinese Characters to assist with learning more than 3,000 Chinese vocabulary words and the most widely used Chinese characters. The language-learning system includes the scientifically based MemoryLifter software to enhance the memorization process, a study guide, a "Learn to Learn" informational booklet, and MP3 audiobooks. The multimedia system offers different types of learning modes for different learning styles, including image recognition, multiple choice, and listening comprehension modes. Educators and learners can also modify and expand the modules to fit individual learning needs and preferences, and view learner progress at all times. Price: $79.95; group and education discounts available.


This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2009 issue of THE Journal.

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