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Cetacea Sound Rolls Out 40W Projector Speaker System

Cetacea Sound has rolled out a classroom speaker system designed to be used in conjunction with projectors.

The system, Astronaut Speaker Series 002, is a 40 watt ceiling-mount system that covers an area of about 15,000 square feet. It also includes a technology to help balance voice frequency and range for improved word recognition.

Other features include:

  • A frequency response range of 70 kHz to 15 kHz;
  • Peak volume of 92 decibels;
  • Standard inputs include three 3.5 mm input jacks for use with projectors, computers, and microphones, plus one DC power input;
  • Multiple power supplies, raging in length from 6 feet to 52 feet.
  • Daisychaining capabilities;
  • Balanced inputs;
  • Priority input management;
  • Multiple mounting brackets; and
  • High-low voltage select.

The Astronaut Speaker Series 002 ships with chosen power supply and mounting bracket. Further information is available here.

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Dan Thompson is a freelance writer based in Brea, CA. He can be reached here.

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