Companies Look To Grow Moodle LMS Video Usage

Two companies have teamed up to expand the use of video capabilities in the Moodle online course management system. Remote-Learner, which offers Moodle support services, and Kaltura, which builds video components that work with open source products, are co-promoting Kaltura's Video Plugin for Moodle. The plugin allows users to add video, audio, and photo capabilities to a Moodle Web site, including uploading and editing content and creating synchronized playback of videos and documents.

"With Kaltura we can offer our clients the ability to seamlessly integrate rich-media capabilities into their Moodle course with a cost effective, robust technology," said Bryan Williams, Remote-Learner CEO. "Teachers and students will have the ability to share video, audio, and pictures with each other using only their browser and a Webcam."

The company's chief learning officer predicted strong pickup for applications that include teacher training, performing arts education, language learning, physical ed, and distance learning. "With Kaltura's module, our clients will be able to create activities for their students that were impossible before." said Jason Cole. "We can now move the e-learning experience beyond words on the page and include real-life performances."

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