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Gefen KVM Device Extends Video to 1,000 Feet

Gefen's CAT5-1600A extends VGA signals up to 1,000 feet. The recently introduced DVI devices extend signals up to 200 feet.

Gefen, a company that offers scalers, converters, splitters, extenders, signal switches, and digital signage devices, has unveiled three KVM extenders that use CAT-5 cable to extend video signals and USB peripherals.

The new extenders include two DVI extenders, The CAT5-1600HD and the CAT5-5600HD, as well as one VGA extender, the CAT5-1600A.

Both the CAT5-1600HD and the CAT5-1600A offer sending units with a USB type B port and receiving units with four USB type A ports. USB and Video signals are extended between the sending and receiving units on separate cables.

The CAT5-1600A extends VGA and audio signals to a maximum distance of 1,000 feet and USB signals to a maximum distance of 330 feet. It supports resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,200 at 60 Hz and includes one VGA port on the sending unit and two VGA ports on the receiving unit.

To compensate for signal variations, The CAT5-1600A offers controls that adjust color, focus, and brightness.

Other features include a standby mode and LED indicators for power, hosting, brightness, focus and RGB equalization.

The CAT5-1600HD extends DVI signals to one display at a maximum distance of 200 feet, while the CAT5-5600HD extends DVI signals to a maximum of two displays. The CAT5-1600HD can extend signals using CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable and both DVI extenders support resolutions up to 1080p.

All four models are Energy Star compliant and ship with locking power cables.

The CAT5-1600HD is currently available for $1,599, while CAT5-1600A can be pre-ordered from Gefen for $1,899.

Further information is available here.

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