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Epson Debuts 2 New 3D Projectors

Epson has released new 3D projectors using both active and passive 3D technology. The company will show them at the upcoming FETC 2013 conference in Orlando Jan. 29-31.

The PowerLite W16 and W16SK deliver WXGA widescreen resolution and support multiple HDMI 3D formats, with no external converter box required.

The PowerLite W16 is designed for educators interested in an active 3D technology and uses Epson’s active shutter 3D RF glasses. It features 3,000 lumens of brightness and white light output, 3-in-1 USB connection, and the option to install or remain as a portable projector.

The PowerLite W16SK is a stacked projector kit with two projectors and polarizing lenses that uses less expensive, passive 3D glasses. In its 2D mode, it features up to 6,000 lumens of color brightness and white light output.

Both projectors include lamps that can last up to 5,000 hours in economy mode and a variety of connectivity options, including: HDMI, computer/VGA inputs, monitor output, audio input, audio output, USB, and RS-232c. The Epson PowerLite W16 retails for $849; the W16SK for $1,899.

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