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Optoma To Roll Out High-Light-Ouptut Projectors for Large Venues

The Optoma EH770 offers a brightness of 7,000 lumens.
The Optoma EH7700 offers a brightness of 7,000 lumens.

Optoma has introduced its first 7,000 lumen projector, the EH7700, along with a 6,000 lumen (X605) and two 5,000 lumen projectors (EH505, W505) as the company sets its sights on the large venue projector market.

The new high-lumen models come as part of a rollout of 17 new projectors by the company today at the InfoComm 2013 conference held this week in Orlando, FL. Conference attendees can visit the Optoma team at booth 2788.

The dual-lamp, WUXGA-resolution EH7700 will retail for $9,999 beginning in late July, according to Optoma, and features the ability to use both 350W P-VIP lamps at once for maximum brightness or separately to maximize lamp lifespan and reduce energy use. The projector also supports most commonly used control systems, including Crestron, Extron, AMX, PJ-Link and Telnet LAN.

AV ports include two HDMI, two VGA in and one out, RGBHV BNC, RCA component, S-video, and composite. Network and control ports include RJ-45 and RS-232C.

The other three high-lumen projectors introduced will become available in August and range in price from the 10,000:1 contrast ratio, XGA-resolution X605 and the WXGA resolution W505 at $2,799, to the WUXGA resolution EH505 at $3,499.

The three projectors feature full-3D HDMI, DVI, two VGA in and one out, S-video, composite video, component video, five BNC (RGBHV/YPbPr), two RCA stereo audio-in, audio-out, two stereo mini jack audio-in, and two 12-volt triggers. Other shared features include:

  • Three optional lenses;
  • Vertical and horizontal lens shift;
  • Two 3-watt speakers;
  • Available RS-232 and RJ45 connections for command and control; and
  • USB port for wireless presentation capability via an optional USB dongle.
Optoma EH501
The Optoma 501/401 series offers up to 1080p resolution and 4,500 lumens of light output.

The company also released six projectors designed for conference and board room use, featuring three 4,500-lumen, 15,000:1 contrast ratio projectors: the native 1080p, true HD (1,920 x 1,080) EH501, the WXGA resolution W501, and the XGA X501. These projectors will retail at the end of June for $1,699, $1,599, and $1,499, respectively.

The two 401 series projectors in the conference room line boast 15,000:1 contrast ratios, with the WXGA W401 at 4,200 lumens and the XGA X401 at 4000 lumens. The pair will be available at the end of July and will retail for $1,099 and $999, respectively.

Shared features of the 401-series projectors include:

  • IP and RS-232C control system ready;
  • Full 3D compatibility; and
  • Built-in 8-Watt audio system.

The EH300 will be available at the end of June for $1,299, according to Optoma, and features 1080p resolution, 3,500 lumens, and an onboard 16-watt stereo speaker system. AV ports include two HDMI, two VGA-in, one VGA-out, a 3D VESA port, composite video, two audio-in, and one audio-out. Network and control ports are RS-232C and USB-B.

Portability was also a focus of Optoma's InfoComm rollout, with the introduction of LED projectors including the 3-pound, 1,000-lumen ML1000 and the 550-lumen ML550, which weighs in at less than a pound.

Optoma ML1000
The Optoma ML1000 is a sub-$1,000 LED-based WXGA projector.

The ML1000 will be available in late July for $999 and features native WXGA resolution (1,280 x 800), a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, touchpad controls, and pre-loaded software that allow delivery of PowerPoint presentations, view PDF documents, display pictures, movies and more without the need of a computer or other external device, according to a release.

The ML550 will be available at the end of June for $599, and features WXGA resolution with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and includes HDMI, VGA, micro-SD card slot, and pre-loaded software to run presentations and other documents independent of a computer.

Both projectors' LED light sources are rated to last more than 20,000 hours.

The final component of the 17-projector InfoComm 2013 rollout by Optoma is a group of five entry-level projectors.

The 303 series includes three 3,000-lumen projectors, with the WXGA-resolution W303 selling for $599, the XGA-resolution X303 for $499, and the SVGA S303 for $399. All are available now, and AV ports include HDMI, two VGA-in and one VGA-out, S-video, composite video, two audio-in, and one audio-out. Network and control ports include RS-232C and USB-B.

Two short-throw projectors complete the entry-level offering, with the 3500-lumen, WXGA-resolution W306ST and the 3200-lumen XGA-resolution X306ST. Both projectors' AV ports include HDMI, two VGA-in, one VGA-out, composite video, two audio-in and one audio-out, and one mic-in. Network and control ports include RS-232C, RJ45 and mini-USB.

The W306ST and X306ST will be available in June and will retail for $899 and $849, respectively.

Addiional details can be found on Optoma's site.

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