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iboss Network Security Introduces MobileEther

iboss Network Security has introduced MobileEther, a mobile security solution that combines traditional MDM (such as data loss prevention) with Web and mobile malware protection, reporting and directory-based user authentication.

MobileEther ensures that mobile devices adhere to CIPA, HIPAA, PCI and FISMA regulations, among others, along with acceptable use policies. It offers the following features:

  • HTTP/S Web filtering with flexible user access and directory integration;
  • traffic scanning and identification of embedded threats (including malware and botnets); 
  • identification and securing of unencrypted, sensitive data transmissions; 
  • signature- and heuristic-based intrusion prevention and detection; and 
  • cloud-based email security scans to detect viruses and malware and protect against data loss and DoS attacks.

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Christopher Piehler is editor in chief of THE Journal.

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