NEC Videoconferencing Unit Features Flexibility

The VideoWorks integrated system for videoconferencing is T-1 selectable, compact and versatile.The basic model includes a 27" or 32" monitor with picture-in-picture preview, a single chip CCD color camera with pan/tilt/ zoom/focus, nine camera presets,far-end camera control, a modem for remote diagnostics, MCU connection, tabletop microphone, and more. All are housed in a cabinet with room to add a VCRor videodisc player.Unique is the ability to place the camera module above or below the monitor. Also unique is Continuous Presence, a feature for two-camera, two-monitor systemsthat simultaneously displays two video images on full screens.The latter is a highlight of NEC's integrated TC5000EX10 codec, which can be bought with or without acoustic echo cancellation and/or an infra-red controlsystem. The codec supports H.320 and other ITU-H standards and offers user-selectable bit rate speeds from 56 Kpbs to 2.048 Mbps for high-quality audio,video and data transmission.Various options extend the system: a FlexCam camera for graphics; a second camera and/or monitor, and an extra cabinet; telephone add-on; voice-activatedcamera presets; and more. NEC America, Inc., CPE Group, Irving, TX, (800) TEAM NEC.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.