New S-VHS Editing VCR Boasts Super Built-ins

Panasonic's new AG-DS550 "SuperDeck" S-VHS editing VCR offers high-quality, no-compromise performance at a price within reach of educators, says the firm. An array of built-in features distinguish the SuperDeck. These include a LTC/VITC time code generator/reader for precision editing; a 3-dimensional Time Base Corrector, with full-field correction range; and Y/C digital noise reduction. Integrated DSP circuitry improves the handling of Y and C signals, enhancing picture quality. Other highlights are jog/shuttle with 32X high-speed search forward and reverse; 16:9 wide aspect capability; an RS-422A serial control port; improved IQ tape transport mechanism; four audio channels; and more. Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems, Secaucus, NJ, (800) 524-0864.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.