New Sharp Notebooks Go Wireless & Add Trackpad

Sharp Electronics is shipping three notebook computers featuring the latest high-end technology, such as an infrared interface and GlidePoint pointing device, at a price point of appeal to educators. The PC-3010, PC-3050 and PC-8800 include built-in serial, parallel and PS/2 ports; 10.4" color LCD monitors; and NiMH batteries with advanced power management options. Video performance is enhanced with 32-bit VESA local bus video with graphics accelerators. The new models support both IrDA and ASK standards, for wireless communication with (infrared-equipped) electronic organizers, PDAs, computers and printers. Plus, a pre-installed fax/modem and software on the PC-3050 provide single and multiple mailbox voicemail. For expansion, all three models have two PCMCIA slots. An optional Mini-Dock for the PC-8800 replicates the notebook's ports and adds additional PCMCIA slots, a MIDI/game port and a SCSI-2 port. Sharp Electronics, Mahwah, NJ, (800) BE SHARP.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.