Review and Revise Documents During Conference Call Unit Is a Projector for Document Conferencing

uited for distance learning and training as well as meetings, ShowStation is a unique product that enables one to show and interactively review and revisedocuments among all sites during a conference call.ShowStation looks and works much like an overhead projector&emdash;with a twist. Place a document, slide, photo transparency or even small object on one sideof unit; it is scanned and a high-resolution digital image is transmitted via integrated 28.8 modem to all sites and to an LCD panel on the other side of the unit.Presenters then do annotations over the image with "electronic ink," live, for all to see in real time.A laser printer can be connected to make hardcopies of presentations, which will include annotations. Ports for a computer, videoconferencing system and printerare standard, as is integrated audio support for the firm's Sound-Station full-duplex audioconferencing unit.Simple, intuitive buttons and one-button operation make the unit easy to use and it runs over standard analog phone lines. A rollabout cart is optional. Polycom,Inc., San Jose, CA, (800) POLYCOM.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.