Transfer Data Between PC And Mainframe With Ease

A "middleware" data access tool, pcMAINFRAME lets users download information frommainframe applications directly into PC applications, or vice versa.Security and control over data flow is still maintained. For example, files can be protected basedon their creation date. If a newer file is to be replaced by an older one, the transfer aborts.Version 5 of pcMAINFRAME supports multiple file downloads, the ability to access oneprimary and six secondary files and assimilate them into one PC file in a single download, andhas new security features.Four operation modes are offered: interactive, host defined, host initiated and unattended. Withthe LIBRARIES function, users can pool data from many PCs to create source files for datadistribution and file sharing among departments. A full-function scripting facility, DIALOG,can script any 3270 terminal operation.No special programming is necessary to integrate the software into existing networks; it's upand running in a morning, says its publisher. cfSOFTWARE, Inc., Des Plaines, IL, (800)366-8756.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.