Storage Unit Can Mix Rewritable & MO Media

The Deltis OLS-10 is an optical storage unit featuring a price that makes a jukebox solution practical for a wide range of users. With a capacity of 13 GB, the 10-disc unit has a multi-function mode that can simultaneously support mixed 650MB and 1.3GB rewritable and write once (WORM) media. Thus it can be shared by administration and instructional departments; it is compatible with most computer platforms and networks. The unit utilizes a high-performance Olympus drive that delivers transfer rates up to 2.3 MB/sec. and has a reliability rating of greater than 250,000 load cycles. Cartridges load/unload via a front "mail slot." Suitable applications include imaging, CAD, data archival, print graphics, digital audio and video, and more. Olympus Image Systems, Inc., Melville, NY, (800) 347-4027.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.