CD-Recorders Boast 1MB of Data Cache

Olympus Image Systems is providing CD recordable (CD-R) subsystems for five major UNIX platforms along with Windows 95 and NT.

Both packages feature multi- session recording capabilities, 1MB data cache, and include Elektroson's GEAR v3.2.

CD-R2/UNIX supports Sun OS, Sun Solaris, HP 700, SGI Iris and DEC OSF Alpha platforms, with users choosing the appropriate system. CD-R2/ISA enables Windows 95 and NT users to archive files, test pre-mastered CDs and allows logical formatting up to ISO level 3.

All Olympus CD-R bundles, including ones for Mac OS, support most existing multimedia and interactive CD data formats. Olympus Image Systems, Inc., Melville, NY, (800) 347-4027.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.