K-12 Competitions Are Delivered on CD-ROM

The LearnStar Multimedia Interactive Learning System allows students at distant locations to participate in stored or live "competitions" on a wide range of subjects.

The full package comprises a dedicated computer control system with CD–;ROM drive and printer; satellite dish, receiver and wireless keypad transceiver; classroom keypad pack and charging trays; and heavy–;duty component cart.

Over 1,000 academic competitions, written by educators for grades K–;12, are stored on the system's hard disk and CD–;ROM. Students work collaboratively in pairs or small teams, answering multiple–;choice questions via the wireless remote control units.

Teachers can also edit quizzes or create their own. In addition, live competitions are broadcast by satellite weekly to LearnStar subscribers nationwide.

Also included are installation, training and ongoing technical assistance as well as software upgrades and hardware maintenance for five full years. LearnStar Corp., Carlsbad, CA, (800) 292–;1505.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.