Network CD-ROMs Across Platforms

By embedding storage management software within its CD servers, the CDFORCE product line eliminates the need to install software and configure it with server hardware.

Administrators can choose from 14-, 21- or 56-drive CD servers in a tower arrangement, providing up to 36GB of storage capacity. Servers can be equipped with quad- or six-speed drives.

Supported by MESA (Managed Enterprise Storage Architecture), a proprietary storage management software, the server connects directly to any network and allows access from any client workstation through any popular operating system and communication protocol.

CDFORCE ties into networks running NetWare, OS/2, LAN Server, Windows NT Advanced Server, Solaris, SCO UNIX and AppleTalk. Available in DOS and Windows versions, its GUI can be customized to view and manage a large array of CD-ROMs.

In addition, the network administrator can manage corporate licenses through disk-usage monitoring, provide a measure of security by limiting access when appropriate, and mount and dismount CD-ROMs with the click of a mouse. Multiple CD-ROMs can be mounted under a single volume or drive letter.

A one-year warranty and toll-free technical support are included. Procom Technology, Irvine, CA, (800) 800-8600,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.