Video Series Stars Leading Scientists

The video series Discovering Great Minds of Science explores the edges of space, the interior of the mind and the depths of the Earth with some of today's leading scientists.

Scientists and subjects covered are: Robert Bakker, paleontology; Sylvia Earle, oceanography; Robert Gallo, viruses; Sallie Baliunas, astronomy; Jarid Diamond, evolution; and Marvin Minsky, artificial intelligence. Each was interviewed on location by Paul Hoffman, editor–;in–;chief of Discover Magazine.

"I learned from these men and women what it takes to do great science and what is on their minds as their respective fields of science approach the 21st century," says Hoffman.

Videos may be purchased individually or as a set of six. IVN Communications, San Ramon, CA, (800) 767–;4486, ext. 249.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.