Multimedia Stereo Amplifier Is New

The S802 AmpliVox Multimedia Stereo Amplifier, a new product, offers a wealth of practical features that can enhance any presentation with multimedia.

A wide range of input sources are easily connected. For example, there are three different input jacks for microphone types: dynamic, condenser and wireless. A line input section links any standard tape player, CD player or PC sound card.

One highlight is that mic and line inputs can be mixed togther to provide a unique combination of pre-recorded sound (such as music or sound effects) along with live speaking during a presentation. Plus, a special output jack lets one record such a "mixed" presentation to another tape recorder.

Compact in size, the portable unit boasts battery power (alkaline or NiCad), as well as AC power with an optional adapter.

The Model S802 outputs true stereo, with separate volume and tone controls, plus left and right jacks for connecting multiple speakers. The 50 watt amplifier's proprietary Continuous Power save function conserves battery power.

This new amplifier is included with every full AmpliVox sound system. AmpliVox, Buffalo Grove, IL, (800) 267-5486,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.