New 1Gig Drive Is Causing Some Jazz

Iomega's new Jaz drive uses 1GB (gigabyte) cartridges and performs faster than some hard disks.

Available in external and internal units, Jaz drives boast a seek time of 12 ms, an access time of 17 ms and an average transfer rate of 5.53 MB/sec. That is fast enough to run demanding applications such as full-screen, full-motion video directly off the drive.

Applications are endless: Back up a 1GB hard drive in under five minutes; store eight hours of CD audio; record a two-hour movie; transfer graphics files to service bureaus.

Or add one Jaz drive to a school lab or media center to instantly provide unlimited storage space and new flexibility for users.

Jaz media is fully protected inside a hard case. With data compression, up to 2GB fits on a disk.

A SCSI device, Jaz drives work with Macs and DOS/Windows machines. Auto-termination sets it up automatically, regardless of its location in a SCSI chain. A motorized mounting and ejection system is another plus.

Jaz software tools for file cataloging are included; a travel case for the portable drive is optional. Media runs $124 per 1GB disk or $499 for a five pack; the drive itself retails for $599. Iomega Corp., Roy, UT, (800) my stuff. MDW

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.