Preserve Data by Replicating Servers

Replica allows network and storage managers to replicate entire NetWare servers or individual NetWare volumes to available storage space on the same server, to standby servers or to streaming tape drives.

Unlike with traditional backup technologies, the replicated information can be mounted directly as a NetWare volume to provide immediate end user access and release NetWare administrators from performing time-consuming and error-prone restore operations.

Patent-pending Object Replication Technology treats server data as logical objects and provides 100% data transfer speed to disk or tape, eliminating slow backup and restore procedures. Users get immediate access to replicated files through their native Windows File Manager or Windows 95 Explorer interface.

Because Replica duplicates server data without opening or closing each file, there's less overhead or wear on server disk volumes. A Direct Disaster Recovery feature restores the total server and reboots the system in minutes -- with no need to remember specific procedures or sequences.

The network administrator controls all functions from any Windows workstation or from the Replica server. A high-performance option, available separately, supports DLT tape drives and other high-speed devices. Stac, Inc., San Diego, CA, (800) 522-7822,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.