Win $25,000 in Web Competition

The aim of ThinkQuest is to encourage students, along with teachers or coaches from approved institutions, to build Educational Tools for the Internet that will make their favorite subjects more exciting, both for themselves and for others.

Open to grades 7-12, the contest challenges participants to build World Wide Web pages that take advantage of the Internet's capabilities. An example is a National Environmental Survey that would track the decline of animal populations on a national scale.

The best overall entry will receive $25,000 in college scholarships for students and $5,000 cash awards for teachers and schools. Additional awards are offered in each category -- science and mathematics, arts and literature, social studies, sports and interdisciplinary studies.

Students work in teams of two or three under the supervision of a coach. Proposals must be submitted via the ThinkQuest server ( using the proper form on that server by April 15, 1996.

Teams whose proposals are approved must submit an entry between June 15 and August 15. Winners will be notified this fall. Advanced Network & Services, Inc., Armonk, NY.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.