Modems Ship With Internet Software

Sportster high-speed modems now ship with an Internet Connection Kit for Windows at no extra charge. The Kit includes software from three major Internet access providers with local connections in most metropolitan areas, plus CompuServe, Global Network Navigator and NetCom Web browsers.

Models range from the Sportster 14.4 to the Sportster V.34 28.8; they include a phone cord and communications/fax software.

Other models are the Sportster Vi Faxmodem with DSVD (Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data), bundled with Intel's ProShare Premier Edition Personal Conferencing Software, and the Sportster Vi Faxmodem with Personal Voice Mail, which enables multiple digital mailboxes, remote message retrieval and fax-on-demand.

The Internet Connection Kit also contains Discover the World Wide Web with Your Sportster, a 150-page guidebook from, a division of MacMillan Computer Publishing. U.S. Robotics, Skokie, IL, (800) DIAL-USR, W

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.