CA Comm. College Summit Held

The California 2001 Executive Partnership Summit, on May 14, opens a dialogue between business and the California Community College system. Projections are that by the year 2000, an extra 500,000 Californians per year will be denied access to community college training and education. The summit provides an executive multi-sector forum to explore issues and define initiatives to ensure the economic vitality of California's work force. About 300 top business executives will join, by satellite downlinks to multiple college campuses state-wide, with leaders from government and education in a two-way videoconference. Participants will consider and endorse a California 2001 Technology for Education Imperative, which will serve as the basis for strengthening the state's workforce competitiveness. For more information, contact the California Community Colleges Foundation, Sacramento, CA, (800) 518-2001 or (916) 446-5881.

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.