Compaq Offers New Storage Solutions

Compaq introduced a series of new technology options designed to enhance the personal storage management capabilities of their desktop PCs. First, the LS-120 Drive -- developed by Compaq, 3M and Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics -- stores 120MB of data on a new high-density disk, 80 times more than current 1.44MB diskettes. The drive is fully backwards compatible, reads/writes up to five times the speed of a standard diskette drive on the new media, and reads/writes standard 720K and 1.44MB diskettes up to three times faster. The LS-120 is available as a standard feature on the Deskpro 5133 and 5166 LS models. Available as an option on all new ProLinea and Deskpro PCs, the PC-CD Drive serves as both a quad-speed CD-ROM drive and a rewritable optical drive. Arcada software, included, compresses data and supports full and incremental backup. Finally, the Scanner Keyboard, based on OCR technology from Visioneer, integrates a high-performance scanner into a keyboard featuring extra Windows 95-specific keys. Scanning is automatically activated by the presence of a piece of paper. As the paper is scanned, the image appears onscreen, where it can be edited, copied, faxed, etc. The Scanner Keyboard works off a serial port; no ISA card is required. Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX, (800) 888-5858.

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.