Distant Students Talk Via Keypads

The power of the ONE TOUCH distance learning system lies in its unique Response Keypads with built-in microphones. Students press the "Call" button to signal when they have questions, and the instructor touches the computer screen to turn on their microphone.

A call queue helps field questions in the order they are received, and icons show how many students are participating. Long- distance charges are incurred only while the conversation is active.

When the instructor issues typed questions, students respond using their numbered keypads, with results displayed onscreen. Another button lets them signal that information is unclear. Data collected from remote sites can be instantly scored or stored for later off-line analysis.

The ONE TOUCH Site Controller controls up to 64 Response Keypads. A separate Assistant Station accommodates a helper to instructors during a broadcast.

ONE TOUCH Systems, San Jose, CA, (408) 436-4600.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.