LCD Projector w/ Low Price, Top Features

The XG-E630U, from Sharp, is a 16-million color, LCD computer/ video projector with high brightness and superior image quality for under $5,000.

The unit incorporates a new, super-high aperture ratio 6.4-inch, TFT active matrix LCD panel. The panel's RGB pixels, with an in-line "stripe" configuration, allows a claimed 50% more light to pass through the pixel opening, resulting in its bright (250+ ANSI lumens) image.

The projector comes equipped with a 330-watt metal halide lamp that offers very long life and no "yellowish" tint common to halogen lamps.

The XG-E630U works with most VGA and Mac computers (640 x 480 resolution) and provides SVGA compression for 800 x 600 PCs. It has inputs for composite video, S-video, audio and multi-scan RGB, plus outputs to a computer monitor. A unique "blue screen" switch eliminates video noise when no source is connected.

Sharp Electronics Corp., Mahwah, NJ, (800) BE-SHARP,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.