Compaq Introduces Financing Options

The EduFlex Finance Program provides K-12 and higher institutions both long- and short-term financing options for Compaq's full range of computing solutions as well as related products and services. The program spans the company's desktop, notebook, server and internetworking products, including the new Presario ES, a desktop multimedia PC designed especially for networked educational environments. In addition, educators can finance A/V equipment, fiber optic networks, staff training and development, and more. Also through EduFlex, schools can "refresh" up to 100% of their computer equipment as often as every year, to take advantage of the latest Windows-based solutions. Finally, a trade-in option provides fair market value for a school's older computers, including Apple IIe machines.
The finance program lets institutions maximize their purchasing power across an entire campus or district, and structure financial schedules that level payments across budget years. To support EduFlex, Compaq has selected GE Capital Vendor Financial Services, which has extensive experience in the education market. Based on specific needs, schools can determine terms such as the lease period (one to seven years) and the purchase plan (either lease-to-own or lease). Both tax-exempt and non-tax-exempt programs are available. Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX, (888) 407-6243,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.