National Geographic Debuts on Web

Persona National Geographic Online, which opened in June, is not merely an electronic version of its print sibling. While dramatic photography and exotic locales are standard, so are original illustrations, maps and an extremely high level of interactivity.
For instance, chats with those in the field are a feature. Designed to provide an experience of what it's like to "go on assignment," visitors accompany writers, photographers, scientists and explorers as they go on adventures and send back images, journals and more. The first adventure was to the Silver Bank, the treasure-laden wreck site of the galleon Concepcion. Features rotate in weekly, and out to an archive monthly so they remain on the site. People, places and cultures are covered as only NGS can.
NG Online may be accessed via the Web or through CompuServe, the latter method offers a Teacher's Forum for the site. A special Kids site for NG Online is planned as well. National Geographic Online, Washington, DC,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.