FirstClass Connects 5,000 Ontario Schools

The Ministry of Education and Training (MET) in Ontario, Canada has entered a licensing agreement with SoftArc Inc. to put the firm's FirstClass group communication software in 5,000 public schools throughout Ontario. "With FirstClass, Ontario schools can accomplish different objectives with one communications tool," said John Hindle, chair of the Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee (OSAPAC). "Some schools are anxious to get on the Internet, other schools will begin by improving collaboration internally." FirstClass is a client/server workgroup communication system that integrates advanced e-mail with replicable discussion databases, remote access, forms processing, enterprise database access and online information services. The software operates in Windows, Macintosh, DOS, OS/2 and terminal emulation environments. The program has 4.6 million users worldwide. SoftArc Inc., Markham, Ontario, Canada, (905) 415-7000,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.