Kids Can Narrate Wildlife Productions

Produced by a team of wildlife naturalists and multimedia specialists, On the Brink combines a presentation program with award-winning stills, live-action video and sounds of endangered species and habitats. Students have complete control over composing and sequencing their presentations. Kits feature information assembled by professional naturalists but presented in a format that encourages students to research and narrate their own productions. Film and sound footage have been licensed from such well known producers as the BBC. On the Brink was created by Digital River in cooperation with TVOntario, the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Bytes of Learning and Digital River plan to release a series of similar products, each focusing on a different subject. Bytes of Learning, Inc., Willowdale, Ontario, Canada, (800) 465-6428,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.