Part of Soleil's Whole World Learning Series

Zurk's Alaskan Trek sports real-life simulations that bring science and math alive for children ages 6-10. In the Animal Theater, students create their own scenes of animals and plants, then observe and write about how the two interact. In the Moviemaker module, users program how they want the animals to behave; even non-readers can create an animated story. The Balancing Act lets one compare animals such as polar bears and lemmings, practicing addition/subtraction, multiplication/ division and fractions/ratios. Field Guides provide rich descriptions of the plants and animals found on Alaskan land and in the sea. A Teacher's Guide includes suggested activities, a list of reference books and curriculum objectives. Lab packs and site licenses are available. Soleil, Palo Alto, CA, (800) 501-0110.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.