PCs & Macs Share All Bi-directionality

PC MACLAN is a software-only solution for mixed-platform networks. Residing on the Windows PC, it installs a full 32-bit AppleShare client/server interface into Windows 95, giving users seamless compatibility. Macs and PCs can share files (that keep their original long file names); printers, including non-PostScript ones such as HP DeskWriters; and hard, floppy or CD-ROM drives bi-directionally. On the PC, one accesses the Mac through Windows 95's Network Neighborhood; on the Mac, one gets to the PC via the Chooser. Many networking topologies and LAN packages are supported, as are cross-platform e-mail packages, back-up programs and more; a 486 with 8MB RAM is minimum. PC MACLAN also features a one-step install. Miramar Systems, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA, (800) 862-2526, www.miramarsys.com. W

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.