Search School Libraries From Home

Alexandria Community Internet Link is an Internet-based patron station that allows students to search their school library from home via the Internet using a standard Web browser. Community Internet Link is one of the new Internet-related features of Alexandria 4.0, the Macintosh-compatible library automation software. The software also gives students quick access to every school library in the district that uses Alexandria and is linked to the Internet. To access from home, students simply run a Web browser and enter the URL of the school library's server. An Alexandria search screen appears that allows students to select the library or Alexandria-compatible database they want to search. Alexandria 4.0 uses an innovative client/server design that allows schools linked in a WAN to quickly access other schools' collections and database resources. COMPanion Corp., Salt Lake City, UT, (800) 347-6439, info@

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.